NCDA Projects during COVID-19 - ReadyToStream

April 24, 2020 1 min read

I'm going to be completely honest with everyone; I had no idea how much my life would/wouldn't change during the COVID-19 global pandemic in the past 7 weeks.

Things that have changed:

  • The library is closed on campus so I can't utilize any of the university's Mac computers, wifi, or software for video editing.
  • Travel plans have gone from domestic throughout the United States to locally here in Richmond.
  • No more in person live-streaming due to CDC guidelines of 10 or less people in a room. 
  • Sharing the Mac computer with my roommate.

Things that haven't changed:

  • I'm always on a computer doing work from home and video editing.
  • I don't travel that much via car; I'm somewhat stationary at my apartment.
  • I go walking around the neighborhood. 
  • I work on different projects for the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association (NCDA).

Within the past three weeks, we have been extremely busy working on different projects for the league such as the following:

  1. WKU's Alumni Average's Joe Pocdast:
  2. Interview with CMU Alumni Michael Riley:
  3. Top 10 Catches for the season: TBD
  4. Top 10 Throws for the season:  TBD
  5. Pro League Draft: TBD
  6. 32 Team Call of Duty Tournament: TBD
  7. NCDA Water Pong Tournament: TBD

As you can tell, we have some things that we need to work on to keep us busy. It has been an interesting experience, understanding how to navigate during a time period of uncertainty. Yet, it has yielded new opportunities of doing our work and how we can make our work process easier and more efficient. We will take each day one day at a time.  

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