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Takeaways of Establishing Personal Boundaries from Dr. Laura Briggs

May 12, 2020 2 min read

During the quarantine period, I learned that I have a lot of free time to establish the administrative side of the business. The technical side is getting better each day, but the administrative side needed some work. While I was browsing through my Facebook posts, I stumbled across a free conference that was designed for freelancers, known as the Freelance Conference hosted by CEO Emily Leach. I was thinking to myself "This is exactly what I'm looking for!" I couldn't contain my excitement.

One of the first speakers of the day was Dr. Laura Briggs, the founder of the Freelance Coach. She was sharing some invaluable information that had significant value to me and to my business. Here are two takeaways that I got from her presentation.

  • One needs to separate the business life from the personal life.

We are currently living in a world today where only having one stream of income isn’t going to work. Based off of different articles that you can find on the internet, roughly 74%-78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 




As a result, many people have realized that having additional streams of income isn’t a luxury but a necessity to live. Some folks are turning towards investments, while others are turning towards a business. As a freelancer business owner, I have to balance between my work life, my personal life, and my business life. It’s not just the physical aspects that I need to focus on, but also the emotional and psychological aspects as well.

Dr. Briggs taught us the importance of setting boundaries with one’s client at the beginning, to lay the foundation of the project. Everyone has multiple obligations and most often than not, these things run concurrently together. By setting boundaries in the beginning stages of a potential project, one establishes the partnership with clear guidelines and respect.

  • Communication and Preparedness goes a long way

The ability to communicate yourself to other people is a vital skill for success. When talking to a new client, one cannot assume that they will understand your thought process and how you operate. Ultimately, you will have to communicate that information with them upfront. Naturally, a new client is going to have questions about your services and how you operate. You should be expecting those questions ahead of time so that you’re not taking reactive approaches, but proactive ones. 

Preparedness is understanding all of the things that is necessary to make your business run. This includes market research, calls with subject matter experts, consultations, executing the projects, and other things as well. Those things should be factored into preparedness long before you have your first meeting with a client. This will show your expertise and that your organization is well-organized and proactive. 

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